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What is VRV

VRV (Variable refrigerant volume) is
an air-condition system for
commercial building application
with sophisticated individual zone

What are the advantages of a VRV system over central air conditioning system?

Individual Control

Conventional systems air condition a building as a whole, whereas the VRV system air conditions each room individually. Hence it is ideal for the constantly changing occupancy of a typical building. Even further, precise level control is possible that reacts to the exact conditions in each room. Individual control promotes a far more economical and efficient system.

Other advantages

  • Saves Energy
  • Conserves space
  • Offers a wide selection of models
  • Operates over a broad temperature
  • provides superior design flexibility
  • Enhances ease of use
  • Delivers ultimate reliability
  • Simplifies installation

How does the VRV system benefits property owners?

  1. Comfortable and economical
  2. Adapts easily to any floor plan.
  3. Short installation time
  4. Central control system.
  5. Efficient space utilization
  6. High reliability.
  7. Low operating sound of height

What are the advantages for consultant and design offices?

  1. Offers are made selection of models
  2. Lang piping design
  3.  Can be installed for each floor
  4. Air refreshing treatment
  5. Light weight outdoor units
  6. Wide range of control system
  7. Short design times

What are the advantages for user?

  • precise room temperature control
  • auto swing
  • LCD remoter controller
  • low operating sound design
  • auto restart function

Benefits for owners

With Daikin’s proprietary inverter technology and cutting- edge control technology for refrigerant, the VRV III air conditioning system operates with outstanding efficiency. This contributes to high energy savings that are top class in the industry, which greatly reduces your running costs and facilitates far better building management.

Benefits for Installers

Daikin offers a compact design for VRV III outdoor units by further optimizing equipment functions, exceeding the norm for air conditioning systems. Compact units facilitate installation in limited areas, such as rooftops, and take up less effective space. Easier installation work realizes fast completion with time to spare.

Benefit for Users

To provide a comfortable air environment, Daikin offers air treatment systems beyond mere air conditioning. As well as bringing air to a comfortable temperature, the air quality can be treated with ventilation, humidification, and other processes. Ease of use is realized through advanced, centralized control systems.

Benefits for consultants and Design offices

Daikin’s VRV systems include indoor and outdoor units available in a wide range of models for various building sizes and installation conditions. Long refrigerant piping lengths and other features put few restrictions on design for great flexibility in meeting the needs of the building.


VRV II- is a compilation of cutting- edge technologies derived from a Customer First policy
Daikin has put comprehensive cutting- edge technologies into the VRV II, derived fro, its Customer First Policy and 20 years of experience with the VRV System. Resulting in quieter operation, smaller units, sleeker designs, and simpler installation and maintenance, with higher COP.

Quieter, Smaller, Sleeker, Simpler
VRV II – Greater Energy Savings with a higher COP.



An intelligent air conditioning to suit small offices and shops.

Space saving, Sufficient capacity, Slim design, Silent operation and Single phase power supply- based on this ‘5S’ concept, Daikin have remodeled the acclaimed VRV II system aiming to provide the precise power and compactness requires by small offices and shops. Introducing the special version of the VRV II system- the VRV II – S.

The ‘5S’ concept of VRV II – S

  • Space saving
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Silent operation
  • Single phase power supply

Wide Range of Choices

To suit every room in small offices and shops, the VRV II – S system offers wide range of indoor and outdoor units.

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VRV III- Developed to facilitate more flexible system design in large – sized buildings

Daikin proudly introduces the new VRV III series, which is well suited to large- sized buildings. This new air conditioning system provides outdoor units that extend air conditioning capacity up to 54 HP. It also incorporates numerous outstanding features, such as a wide range of outdoor and indoor units, longer actual and total piping length, and high external static pressure. The VRV III series provides the power and versatility you need for flexible design and easy installation in large – sized buildings.

  • Outdoor units with large capacities
  • Wide range and an increased number of connectable indoor units
  • Extended actual and total maximum piping length
  • Extended level difference between outdoor units and indoor units
  • High external static pressure
  • Two types of outdoor unit combinations

Easier installation and maintenance

  • Memory function for operational data
  • Automatic test operation

A sense of responsibility

  • High COP/Energy savings
  • Compliant with the RoHS Directive
  • Less chances of refrigerant leakage

Enhanced comfort

  • Outdoor units designed for quiet operation
  • Efficient compressor
  • Nighttime quiet operation function


Major advances of the VRV III over VRV II for large sized buildings
Control Systems


The ideal air conditioning system for small offices and shops

Extending the core ‘5S’ concept- Space saving, sufficient capacity, slim design, sound reduced operation and single phase power supply- Daikin VRV III- S offers added value with the ‘2E’ concept- easy installation and Easy Maintenance. With all these features and more, we proudly present the ideal air conditioning system designed for small- sized buildings.

The 5S concept:

  • Space saving
  • sufficient capacity
  • slim design
  • sound reduced operation
  • single phase power supply.

2E concept:

Easy installation Easy Maintenance.

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